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Yummy Gingerbread House



  • £20.99

Property Description

Sark School Project – Want a sweet room for real ? well buy this giant gingerbread house today for only £20.99! There is a candy floss swimming pool so no need to worry about drowning there is also a sweet stream salon and a cotton candy for your bed so you can eat it but it will grow right back so infinite cotton candy for everyone in your family because there beds will also be made out of cotton candy so you don’t need to go anywhere for breakfast, lunch or dinner (unless you want to go to a restaurant). You don’t need to learn how to swim, you can just eat your way out a delicious swimming pool you’ll just swim for. You get snow cones with your house that smell so snowy but it’s really ice that you eat with food colouring. This house will provide everything you would need there’s even a robot butler that gets you anything at all. This gingerbread house is so sweet you’ll fall in love with it.

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