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Super Sonic Sweet Snack



  • £1,234

Property Description


Of course you want to buy this gingerbread house. Who would resist this glorious gingerbread house?

This gingerbread house has loads of free special offers.  You have a hundred year supply of sweet treats. You have a chocolate and caramel hot tub with biscuits for deckchairs. Sweet fans listen carefully because it gets much  better than this.Your mattress on your bed is a candy floss mattress. You even have an ice cream cone helter skelter.You have lickable wallpaper which we brought from Mr Willy Wonka. You have no need to buy gnomes for your garden because here they are gummy bears instead.

You get a suitable quiet area of the wood’s with all the things you need. When the sun shines the frosting on the roof sparkles.

This is £1234.  This gingerbread house has loads of sweet surprises to discover.

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