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Glorious Gingerbread Grotto



  • £1,500

Property Description

Sark School Project – Glorious Gingerbread Grotto

Are you worried your house is too dull and boring?  Well it’s time for you to buy this lovely gingerbread grotto. It has creamy, white icing holding the yummy gingerbread together and colorful sweet windows. It also has a luxurious crochet court with strawberry sugar tube hoops, mini easter egg balls and toffee apple mallets.  Your house will smell of gorgeous gingerbread.  It will never smell bad again!!! Little red riding hood said,” I loved the house storyland estate agents gave to me and my mum.  It’s amazing!  I would recommend their houses to anyone!”  You heard it, our houses are  brilliant!  If you buy this house today or tomorrow, you will have It’s 20% off.  Buy this house today to avoid disappointment, and before it’s too late!!!



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